My children, my everything


When you see these faces, anyone will understand that they are the reason I wake up every morning.
Being a mother of four is not easy, especially when having a full time job. Today was one of those days
I wished I just stayed in bed. Life is sometimes hard and being a mother means mostly having it together.
Showing everyone we have it under control. Being strong for your kids.
Today I did not feel that way. If I could have blamed it on Monday blues I would have, but
unfortunately the feeling is derived from deep within….
Is this it? Is this all there is for me? Then the guilt starts to over take me… How
can I think that? I’m a bad mother. My children should make me feel whole all the time, is it not?
But I can be so much more? I can mean so much more to the people around me.
I have this deeply hidden need to be seen, to be noticed in this world.
The feeling that I was destined for greatness!

Well for now, my greatness lies with these faces. They are the ones that was entitled to me to be cared for
and nurtured. I am for now their light in the this dark world of ours.

Meanwhile I will keep on dreaming in silence and wait for the right moment….


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