That time of the year


It’s that time of the year again… I say again, because the older I get the faster the year seems to pass and before I know it Christmas is here!
It’s my most favourite time of the year. Each family has their own christmas and festive traditions. Here is a list of ours.
We LOVE decorating the christmas tree. It’s the kids favourite part, except the opening of presents offcourse.


When that tree is up and the twinkling lights are plugged in, then the feeling of christmas is here.
Then it is time for the baking of christmas cookies. Each year my whole family from Windhoek comes to visit us for the holiday. My house is full of people every December, but I love it!! Children camping out either in the livingroom or actually camping outside in the tent. Sooo much fun!

There’s only one thing I would love which we here in Namibia never have during christmas time…. I would love a snowy one. Lots and lots of snow. I’ve never seen snow. That is one christmas present I would go gaga for.


What fun it could be building a snowman??

Singing christmas carols in our family were passed on from generations before me… from as little as I could remember we were singing old favourite christmas carols. They NEVER get’s old. It’s amazing. Each year we sing the same one’s and we never get bored. Yeah well people tent to change the rythms or style of them a bit, but that’s OK. Some actually makes the carol even more beautiful like for example the “Pentatonics” singing a favourite of mine, “Little drummer boy”. What they have done with it is nothing short of AMAZING.


No matter where you are in the world. No matter what type of tradition you have during Christmas time. No matter if you share it with family and friends or going solo. And no matter if you have a snowy one or a lekka summer one…. be merry and enjoy every moment of it, because we all share one common interest during this….. the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ are celebrated.
Let the true meaning of christmas shine through us these last days of the year.
Merry Christmas to each and everyone!


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